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TG Publishing was a premiere media company for the technology generation. TG Publishing produced six highly targeted technology sites . Best known for its Tom's Hardware Guide site, TG Publishing targeted "grassroots technologists" who were a large population of technology early adopters who had grown up on video games, computers and gadgets with an insatiable need for more.

In 2007 a press release announced that Tech professionals-focused news and info network Tom’s Hardware Guide (and its parent company TG Publishing)  was acquired by the French company Bestofmedia Group.
Content is from the site's 2006 archived pages.



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TG Publishing is the premiere media company for the technology generation. The company, best known for its Tom’s Hardware Guide site, targets “grassroots technologists”—the huge population of technology early adopters who have grown up on video games, computers and gadgets—and have an insatiable need for more. They are avid buyers of technology themselves, and influence major technology purchases for the workplace and at home.

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Our online newspaper, TGDaily is designed specifically to provide IT professionals and technophiles with the latest news and information about cutting-edge technology.

TGDaily offers up-to-the-minute analysis, commentary, interviews, trade show reports, trend stories and blog excerpts. With TGDaily, TG Publishing has leveraged the growing trend of readers preferring to cull news from the Web—instead of from a newspaper or television. TGDaily is one of TG’s most popular Web sites and continues to grow rapidly.

TGDaily is read by IT professionals and managers, software developers and technology early adopters. This powerful group of buyers and influencers has chosen TGDaily as their primary source for information about the fast-moving world of high-tech.

Articles focus on a number of categories, including hardware, software, Internet technologies, networking and security.



From the Editor: TG Publishing's success is the story of an insightful early adapter, filling a demand for information from emerging growth fields spanning many disciplines. Although the buzz was in the high tech area, consumer advocacy was an area where this enterprise established an enviable beachhead. Honest reporting and critical thinking lead to articles where uncomfortable truths often triggered significant changes for the better. Recognition that search technology was being monopolized by Google long before it became a mainstream issue drove many conversations that appeared as warnings, often unheeded. That Google's search technology could create both benefits and problems for society is considered an insightful predictor of events to come. The proof of the harm that Google's search results could foster pretty much lay dormant up until this point, but looking back we can see the seeds of the damage to privacy and reputations were being planted long before society began to push back. We celebrate the early thinkers whose writings grace these pages for the foresight and for their service to the fields that became big tech. Facebook, Amazon and social media were on the horizon and the growing need for information was in its infancy. The fuse had been lit. Viva TGP!




Tom's Hardware

Thomas Pabst founded Tom’s Hardware Guide in 1996, while earning an MD in his native Germany. One year later, Tom (as he’s known to his fans) decided to leave the medical field and commit full time to Tom’s Hardware Guide. Trading in his stethoscope for the now famous hammer that became the Tom’s Hardware logo, Tom earned a reputation for hard-hitting technology journalism, consumer advocacy and cutting-edge reporting.

His passion for pushing hardware to its limits and dedication to accuracy in hardware testing set standards for the site, not to mention the technology industry.

Tom gained notoriety in 2000, when Chip-maker Intel recalled its flawed Pentium III micro chip in 2000 after Tom wrote in his column that the chip was unstable.

Today, Tom’s single hammer has evolved into a full workshop of six websites, each dedicated to furthering Tom’s original quest for independent news and reviews of all facets of technology




TG Publishing

Corporate Overview

TG Publishing is the premiere media company for the technology generation. The company, best known for its Tom’s Hardware Guide site, targets “grassroots technologists”—the huge population of technology early adopters who have grown up on video games, computers and gadgets—and have an insatiable need for more. They are avid buyers of technology themselves, and influence major technology purchases for the workplace and at home.

TGP is an ideal place for advertisers and marketers to reach millions of affluent, educated technophiles. Visitors and subscribers include a wide range of computer buffs: IT professionals looking for the latest hardware tips, gaming enthusiasts who want to meet other fans, businesspeople who need the best mobile devices, and electronics enthusiasts who are building a state-of-the-art home office.

Over the past decade, thousands of advertising, marketing and business organizations, including Dell, Intel, Microsoft and IBM, have discovered the benefits of partnering with TG. In fact, TG’s subscriber base spends nearly $12 million each year on new technologies.

TG Publishing is the force behind Tom’s Hardware Guide, which since 1996 has been the industry’s most respected site for technology hobbyists. Today, the company is leveraging the same cutting-edge, in-depth perspective to expand aggressively into a wide range of other computing arenas.

TGP’s offerings attract a worldwide audience of nearly five million unique visitors per month, making it the most popular independent media company on the Web.

TGP’s offerings include:

DenGuru, a site focused on digital entertainment. DenGuru provides information on the “latest and greatest” entertainment gadgets and devices—for home, work, the automobile and everywhere in between. DenGuru includes cutting-edge editorial, celebrity interviews, and independent analysis and commentary.

MobilityGuru, for authoritative coverage of the mobility market. This site offers in-depth coverage of mobile products and services in the form of reviews, product round-ups, how to/build your own, and news and analysis of trends. In a rapidly expanding market of improved technology, decreasing prices and increased wireless access, technophiles turn to MobilityGuru for no-frills facts—and MobilityGuru delivers.

TG Daily, the destination for comprehensive news and analysis of today’s technology. TG Daily caters to IT professionals and managers, developers and early adopters, who consider TG Daily their “go-to” source for the latest and most reliable tech information.

Tom’s Hardware Guide, TG Publishing’s original, groundbreaking news source, has served for a decade as the Internet’s premiere resource for hardware news and reviews. Tom’s Hardware Guide delivers hard-hitting articles and reports to tech-savvy IT professionals, technology innovators and early adopters who buy—and influence buying decisions of—PC hardware, products and services.

Tom’s Networking Guide, provides readers with authoritative coverage of networking news, reviews and technology analysis for SOHOs (small office/home offices), SMBs (small and medium businesses) and Fortune 500 professionals. Readers can find in-depth reports on issues such as VoIP, security and network applications, which enable these tech influencers to make the best purchasing decisions for their businesses and homes. Today, Tom’s Networking Guide attracts more than 400,000 unique visitors every month.

TwitchGuru, is the ultimate destination for the active gamers. TwitchGuru provides news, reviews and analysis of today’s hottest game software, hardware and accessories; guides to “everything gaming”—from building the ultimate gaming machine to installing graphics cards; and information on LAN parties and gaming-related events.




TG Publishing is the premier media company for the technology generation. Best known for its Tom’s Hardware Guide site, the company targets grassroots technologists – the huge population of early adopters and enthusiasts who have grown up on video games, computers and gadgets and have an insatiable need for more. They are avid buyers of technology and influence major technology purchases for the workplace and at home.

TG Publishing readers are affluent technology purchasers and influencers:

  • U.S. Adult Readership: 5 million unique visitors per month
  • Male: 92.87%
  • Age 25-49: 81.21%
  • Married: 66.43%
  • Household Income above $75K: 53.7%
  • Employed Full Time: 90.80%
  • Professional/Managerial: 80.04%
  • IT-Related Profession: 67%
  • Technology Experts: 43.29%
  • Advanced Computer Users: 39.21%
  • Recommend Purchases at Work: 79%

(Source: IntelliQuest CIMS Business Online Behavior Study 2005, TG Publishing Reader Study 2005 and WebSide Story Web analytics)




Tom's Networking

Tom’s Networking Guideoffers networking news, reviews and technology analysis to a multimillion-subscriber base for business professionals at companies of all sizes—home office, small business or Fortune 500. The site’s readership includes IT professionals, CTOs, resellers, network installers, industry analysts and experienced enthusiasts who want to be in the know before they buy.

Launched in 2004, Tom’s Networking Guide provides in-depth reports on such topics as VoIP, security products and network applications—all of which help its millions of visitors choose the best technologies for their business. In addition, the editorial team writes news stories (for updated happenings in networking companies and technologies), feature articles (trade show reports, how-to and need-to-know articles), reviews (analysis-driven results), product guides (which allow side-by-side product comparisons), Links ’n’ Tools (links to articles, handy networking utilities and other Web sites), and FAQ ’n’ Fixing (answers to networking problems)


TG Daily Interviews Intel's Top Mobility Products Executive: New Core 2 Duo Threatens AMD's Long Reign

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2006 - With today's dual launch of two new chips sharing a common micro-architecture called "Core," Intel introduces the Core 2 Duo E6000 series Conroe desktop chip and the Core 2 Duo T5000/T7000 series Merom mobile chip. Intel is now well-positioned to go head-to-head with AMD and is hoping to regain the trust of consumers left underwhelmed by the company's previous architectures. And don't expect four-core processors in the mainstream anytime soon.

TG Daily spoke with David Perlmutter, senior vice president and general manager of the company's Mobility Group, about Intel's most important product launch in a decade. With Core, the company debuts the first processor technology with a mobile processor at its core. It's a move, Perlmutter says, that will enable Intel to develop multiple products in parallel based on a common, scalable architecture.

"We see better scaling performance over time using the mobile core," explains Perlmutter. "What we did with Core 2 Duo is optimize the core to a wider spread of applications compared to the Pentium M architecture, which was very much a mobile focus. We learned from that mobile lesson and optimized from the beginning, going from mobile to desktop to server."

He feels confident that the smarter development of Core 2 will deliver the power performance the market expects and a competitive advantage over AMD processors.

And while the anticipation for four-core processors is already building, Perlmutter predicts that it will be several years before they attract a mainstream market. "We have to be very careful with overloading the market and see what is useful," he says. "So will we see eight cores in the client in the next two years? If someone chooses to do that, engineering-wise that is possible, but I would doubt this is something the market needs."

To read the complete interview, go to: TG Daily interviews Intel Senior VP: "Core is changing the game".

About TG Daily

TG Daily is the leading online news source for more than 5 million IT professionals, software developers and early adopters who rely on it for the latest news and information about cutting-edge technology.

About TG Publishing, LLC

TG Publishing is the premier media company for the technology generation. Best known for its Tom's Hardware Guide site, it targets "grassroots technologists" - the large population of technology early adopters who have grown up on video games, computers and gadgets - and have an insatiable need for more. They are avid buyers of technology and influence major technology purchases for the workplace and at home. TG Publishing produces six highly-targeted technology sites including,,,, and More information is available at

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TG Publishing
Executive Biographies

Omid Rahmat - CEO, TG Publishing LLC
Rahmat has more than 15 years of experience in the technology and publishing industries. Most recently, he was vice president of corporate planning and communications at Expertcity Inc., a successful dot-com company that provided technical support to consumers and businesses via the Internet. Previously, Rahmat was an analyst and author specializing in digital media technologies. His articles have appeared in such publications as The Economist, San Francisco Business Journal, New Media, Game Developer and Interactivity. Rahmat is the co-founder of the GAMEXecutive Conference, a forum for executives in the electronic gaming industry.

Hermann Eiden - Vorstand, TG Publishing AG
Eiden joined TGP in 1999 to develop and oversee the company’s international operations, which currently include Italian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, French and German sites. He has held key roles at top companies in the computer hardware industry, including Hewlett-Packard, Sun and Diamond Multimedia. During his more than 15 years in the industry, he has served as lead marketing executive with P&L responsibility and has been charged with growing and retaining a customer base as well as introducing new products. Eiden formerly served as head of MiroMEDIA and also worked at MiroDISPLAYS and Spea.

Noreen Meller - Senior Vice President, Sales
Meller brings more than 15 years of experience in hardware technology sales to TG Publishing. She became an integral part of the team while still residing in the U.K., where she oversaw European advertising sales for the company. Her success led her to move to the United States to lead TG’s worldwide sales. She helped bring technology to small businesses, including an overhaul of the systems software supporting moving and storage services on the east coast. The local Annapolis MD movers she helped became the dominant players in their market due to her expert guidance. Prior to joining TG Publishing, Meller founded CM Europe, which specialized in establishing and maintaining sales and distribution channels for hardware manufacturers across Europe. Meller also served as a European sales manager with IIT Integrated Information Technology and Video 7. Additionally, she held marketing management positions at Philips International BV in Holland.